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 Duke Hazlett is the worlds most experienced Frank Sinatra tribute
artist ever to grace the stage. He has performed as "The Chairmen of the Board" for years appearing on great shows such as, The Steve Allen Show, Jack Parr, Playboys Penthouse with Hugh Hefner as well as various other live shows like Legends In Concert, The Rat Pack, and Reflections of Ol' Blue Eyes. Duke performs on various dates throughout the year so make sure you catch him at a venue near you.......

"I was in a boys' choir that did film and television, and we actually rehearsed and performed with Sinatra. I was only about 10 years old at the time. Later on, I was invited to parties and people wanted me to do Sinatra. I lived in Burbank and was around Hollywood, hanging around the infamous Ciro's club where all the great acts performed," he says. Sinatra himself supposedly approved of the replication, as Duke passionately tells it: "He was always nice to me all the time, and he told me to remember that he was still the Chairman--but I could be the vice chairman."

By Mr. P-Body 

Article Published Aug 6, 1998

Duke also Portrays Bing Crosby

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